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Each board is a unique blend of color and texture, so slight variations from the enclosed samples will exist.   Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you with your project.


Q.  How are the faux wood planks packaged?


A. Each box of planks covers about 22 square feet.  The box will contain 14 pieces of tongue and groove planks.  (7 pcs- 4”x48” and 7 pcs 5.5”x48”).  The Armstrong White color, however is packaged in all 5.5” x 48” wide planks Cover 25.6 Square Foot.


Q. How it is installed?


A. The tongue and groove edges of the faux plank makes installation easy.  Level your first row, securing with either crown staples or construction adhesive.  Crown staples are placed at an angle in to the tongue about every 8-10 inches.  If using construction adhesive, simply apply the adhesive to the back of the plank as you work your way across the wall.  Trimming can be done with a hand saw or power saw.  When installing various width boards, alternate sizes on each row as you work your way up for a truly authentic look.   More information on installation can be found on our Installation page.


Q. Where can the planks be installed?


A. Sheetrock, Concrete, Wood or brick.


Q.  Are  trim planks available?


A.  Trim Planks come packaged with 4, 48” pieces in a box.  Trim planks have fully finished sides and ends and are available in both 4” and 5.5” widths.


Q. Can I hang pictures on it?


A. Our faux wood has the similar density properties as pine.  Moderate size objects can be mounted directly to the face of the product. 


Q. How do I clean it?


A. Any household cleaner can be used on the surface of our faux wood, making it perfect for messy areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Facts & Questions

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